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We are keen to form a panel of people who would be able to respond to E-mail requests for (non-medical) advice.  We recognise that each of us only has limited experience, so are keen to broaden the pool.  You may not feel like responding to this at present, but maybe you will remember to come back here later and offer the benefit of your experience.

This web site does not run  a forum which can be read by other people; we prefer to invite confidential e-mails to us, which will get a personal response.  Where a request is received that is outside my own experience I will pass the content of the message (not the sender’s address) to another panel member.  I will then transmit that panel member’s response on to the original enquirer, so total confidentiality is preserved.

If you are prepared to be a volunteer on the panel, please drop me an e-mail with a description of your case, so that I will know which type of question may be something with which you could help.  Clearly we have no idea how much traffic will be coming your way, so there will be no problem if you feel the load has become too much, and wish to drop off the list, or you may get no enquiries!

Click here to send me your details.

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