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I decided that this would not be a site where we publish individual stories.  However I am delighted to have contact on a one to one basis, either using the chat system on the right, or by E-mail

Should you wish to have a phone conversation please E-mail me first with your number and a note of a convenient time for me to call.

I am not a medical professional, and my only experience is of one case.  However I do have a range of friends and contacts to whom I can refer some questions, whilst maintaining your confidentiality.  We are also forming a panel of other men with a range of experience of other cases.  We will not pass on your contact details to other panel members, but I may send them the text of your message where I think they can advise, and I will transmit their comments back to you.  Your contact details remain with me alone.

I am sure it helps to be in contact with others in a similar situation, so feel free to get in touch.


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